From "to crawl" — to move slowly, by dragging the body along the ground.

  1. a tractor crawler, a motorized vehicle that uses caterpillar tracks instead of wheels to achieve superior floatation and traction. Crawlers are more expensive in maintenance and harder to operate than wheel tractors, but are often critical for working on soft soils, transporting great weights, and especially for bulldozing.

7 letters in word "crawler": A C E L R R W.

No anagrams for crawler found in this word list.

Words found within crawler:

ace acer acre ae al ale alec alew ar arc are arew arle aw awe awl car care carer carl carle carr carrel caw cel claw clawer clear clew crare craw crawl crew ea ear earl el er era err la lac lace lacer laer lar lare law lawer lea lear lew race racer rale rare raw rawer re real rear rec recal rew wae wale waler war ware warre we weal wear